Tailor Made Master Bath

Tailor Made Master Bath

With every design project, each client is very different; their goals, budget, overall look they want to achieve—every detail large and small is tailored to their needs and wants. So, when a couple embarks on the journey to transform their Master Bath into something more personal, more practical, and more beautiful than what they currently have, it is always an individual process. But it also can be an expensive process! These two homeowners weren’t lavish in their style choices or wanting to go over-the-top in their finishes; they were after a space that was tailor made just for them, and a master bath that reflected beauty AND functionality, and a modest budget!

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Little by Little

Scenic Woods Ensuite

This space hadn't been touched since it was built in the 80's and desperately needed a facelift! The homeowners wanted something classic and beautiful, a combination of masculine and feminine, as well as the practicality of more storage and a larger shower. The budget was a big concern so executing this reno we made a few key choices to keep things in line and not sacrifice the overall look we wanted to achieve.

Tailor Made Master Bath Before
Tailor Made Master Bath Before
Tailor Made Master Bath Before

First up, the layout needed reworking; the shower was removed and relocated, as well as the toilet.  The gentleman of the home is quite tall and the current shower was just too small and felt cramped; he wanted something that he could walk into, but still wanted privacy. To make that happen, we removed the old stall and relocated the shower to the adjacent wall and used glass block.  A clear glass enclosure initially was our first choice, but the lower maintenance of the glass block and the privacy it offered was much more suited to the homeowners wish-list.

The built-in whirlpool tub—which took up 1/3 of the room-- was torn out and a beautiful free-standing soaker tub was chosen. This decision was a game changer…all that space was now used much more efficiently, and the flow of the Master Bath was a much better fit. It’s nice when one decision checks off the beauty and function checklist in one fell swoop!

A gorgeous porcelain tile replaced the old ceramic and was laid in a brick pattern to widen the narrow space.  There had been a leaky skylight that was removed, and the lack of natural light was a concern—especially for her. To add sparkle, a cut crystal chandelier (from a big box store) was installed to bring in more light, along with recessed pot lights for a layered effect.  

Much needed storage was added with the built-in cabinetry providing each partner ample space to store personal items. And I’ll let you in on a little secret…to stretch their design dollars, they purchased the vanity off Kijiji…huge savings! It fit the space perfectly and gave them the storage they desperately needed…win-win!

The end result of this Master Bath satisfies both of them and they love their new and improved space! It is a tailor-made room that each partner loves and appreciates on a daily basis.

Tailor Made Master Bath
Tailor Made Master BathTailor Made Master bath
Tailor Made Master BathTailor Made Master BathTailor Made Master BathTailor Made Master Bath

Lynden Master Bath

Although this home looked like it had been there for over a century, it actually was built in the 80's and needed some freshening up! In this Master Bath, there were oak cabinets, laminate counters, dated fixtures and the style factor was long gone! Not to mention that there was a serious lack of storage—the counter was covered in products! Thankfully, there were no major issues that needed to be addressed, so the focus of this project was to change all the fixtures and surfaces and update them with a timeless, classic style that suited the farmhouse setting but was not fussy and overdone.

Master Bath BeforeMaster Bath Before

As we went over the options for this space, we quickly decided that adding in vertical storage was the best way to counter the clutter and give each partner more storage for their individual products. We worked with a semi-custom company that allowed us to use various components that we could arrange in whatever way worked best and come up with the most storage possible for the 96” long vanity. Our inspiration images were a combination of these two bathroom designs. (image1/image2)

Tailor Made Master Bath
Tailor Made Master Bath

Rather than selecting a painted finish, the homeowner wanted the cabinetry to contrast with the soft marble colors and have a wood stained finish.  The detailed panels on the vanity doors add sophistication and the extra storage drawers were a much-needed addition to this bathroom! Misty Carrerra Quartz countertops harmonize with chrome fixtures adding subtle shine to the traditional space.

After deciding on the cabinetry, we moved to the tile choices. We decided to make the shower the show-stopper of the space and chose an elegant marble tile in a soft green diamond pattern as the starting point of the design. We created a feature wall that was complemented with mosaic tile in a matching hue with a winter white subway tile in the shower. Porcelain floor tiles with a subtle gray vein were laid in a horizontal brick pattern and in-floor heating added luxurious warmth during the cold winter months.

When it comes to the finishing details, I can get a little, ummm…particular. I know from experience how much choosing the lighting, mirrors, and accessories in a bathroom can elevate the space and just make it look top notch! In this project though, the mirrors & lighting were chosen by the client and are uncomplicated and functional (read not my choice but they get the job done).

This is where designers and clients can sometimes get into conflict; we as designers want the design to be true to our vision right down to the last detail.


Was it the desire of this homeowner to have a crystal detail on their light fixture?


Did they care if the mirrors were beveled just-so?


Did they want the extra expense of marble tile on the vanity wall to tie in with the shower?

Again, no.

Is this the bathroom that they love, enjoy, and are thoroughly pleased with?

A resounding YES!

And to me…that’s what matters most! As Brian Gluckstein put it in his most recent book The Art of Home, “It’s always better to collaborate than dictate”. A tailor-made space isn’t for me to enjoy, it’s for the client. I work for THEM. And this finished Master Bath is very much a reflection of them. End of story!

Tailor Made Master BathTailor Made Master Bath
Tailor Made Master Bath
Tailor Made Master Bath
Tailor Made Master Bath
Tailor Made Master Bath

No matter what room you are working on in your home, it isn’t about what anyone else wants

…not your mother, or his mother

…not your co-worker or your neighbor

…not your opinionated so-and-so or the know-it-all-of your acquaintance

...your home should be tailor made to suit YOU and it’s our job as interior designers to make that happen. We guide, we suggest, but ultimately, we work with you to make your home be the best representation of you it can be. THAT is our job!  And these Master Bath projects are great examples of spaces that reflect the homeowners individuality and that is a job well done!

To see more tailor-made spaces check out our portfolio page!

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