Our Powder Room Makeover-Part 1

We have lived in our house for almost 8 years, and the one room that has suffered the most neglect is our Powder Room and Guest bathroom. You’d think that it would have come higher on the priority list, but sadly, every single other room (and closet) has been touched, yet this room has remained exactly as it was when we bought our house. Standard 24” vanity. Plate mirror on the wall. Vintage light fixture that looks like an old Hollywood dressing table…and not the nice kind either! Pinky-terracotta flooring, and a really low ceiling. It does have a couple of things going for it though, and that is that the shower tiles are pretty neutral, there is storage, and it really IS a blank slate!

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Little by Little

So why have I not tackled this room before? Well, one of the main reasons is because I just could not decide on EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it. Because of the low ceilings, I didn’t want to paint it all a dark color. Because I love wallpaper, I wanted to do an accent wall of some kind, but everything I looked at either was too expensive or not “good enough” …or …my husband didn’t like it. For years I have come up with idea after idea, and then soon after decide that it wasn’t what I wanted.  And so, this room became a place where we stored unused artwork and was more of an ‘emergency bathroom’ option rather than an intentionally designed space that I was happy to show off to our guests.

Powder Room
Powder Room
Powder Room
Powder Room

Now before I get too far, I have to share with you that my overall directive when it comes to Powder rooms, is to make a statement. To do something risky that you likely wouldn’t do in another room of your house. I LOVE  (insert blinking flashing lights) and the idea of using wallpaper, but at the same time because the space is so small I just haven't been able to settle on one we both like. I have never had a client that really let me let loose in this room…so why not step it up in my own home? This IS putting a lot of pressure on a little room with not a lot going for it…but hey…I am always up for a challenge!

I didn’t really want to get into a full-on makeover and change out the vanity or the floor; even though I don’t exactly love it, it is neutral enough that I thought I could make it work as is and spend the décor dollars elsewhere. When it comes to décor in our own house, we really like to splurge on some things and save on others, and have no issue scouring Marketplace for unique finds and great deals (which is where we found the faucet for half price!). On the other hand, I can do a lot of things with paint, and there are so many fabulous ideas that just require a bit of creativity and time (hence the wall design). So, this is where I have eventually landed on our design plan for our Powder room makeover. Take a look at my design inspiration board!

Powder Room Design Board

Now we have already started the process and have the foundation pieces painted and purchased. BUT. As I’m not exactly ready to show you the full reveal, I am going to wait and do that in a separate post in a couple of weeks! To see progress updates, follow us on Instagram and check out our stories (or look at our highlights to see what we’ve posted so far). I am the kind of person that once I start a project, I am eager to keep working to get it done. But at the same time, I want to make sure that I don’t rush the process and end up with an end result that I am not happy with…so hence the delay. Hopefully this builds anticipation as I can assure you, the transformation will be HUGE!

So come and follow along with us on Instagram and see how this #powderroom progresses in the next couple of weeks. The end result will be worth the wait--I promise!

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